• Cloud for Business

    Advance2000 Cloud provides the power of the cloud without compromising your security, quality, or performance. Your intellectual property and business data are safe; we make all of your business applications and data more secure. This enables you to collaborate with your colleagues and others safely and securely from anywhere with ease.

  • Managed IT

    Managed IT services usually means outsourcing and shipping non-core functions overseas. At Advance2000, Managed IT Service is about partnering with you and leveraging our expertise to help you manage your IT. Hundreds of firms trust us to take care of their networking, telephony, security and technical support needs.

  • Business Continuity

    If you are trying to mitigate your risk and protect your intellectual property, Advance2000's Business Continuity Service can protect your business without depleting your wallet. We can replicate your data in real-time to our secure data center and make it available for you when you need it.

  • Colocation

    Our Colocation service provides more than just power, cooling and space for your data equipment. If you’re looking for unprecedented service and 100% uptime we are the easy choice for you. We understand your business and provide quality hosting and IT support.

  • IT Strategic Assessment

    Our experienced engineers understand your business challenges and use industry best-in-class assessment practices to help you develop a smart IT strategy that will advance and protect your business. We provide easy actionable recommendations for improvement, guaranteeing positive business results.

  • Quorum Architects

  • FKP Architects

  • Amenta/Emma